Bunnies Got It Rough

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Posted at : Saturday, September 03, 2011

Too damn busy. Lots of small doodles but nothing I wanna put up yet. So in the meantime here's a plant concept I did for the Dynamic Sketching class. Bunnies got it rough when even the plants are out to get them now-a-days.


Lou Holsten said...

lookin' good! How are you enjoying the CGMW classes? I've been thinking about taking a class or two.

Mike Monroe said...

Thanks Lou! I like the setup of the CGMA website, it tends to make it easier to talk to other students and see what they're doing on the assignments than Schoolism did (course Schoolism just re-did their website, so who knows).

The Dynamic Sketching class is pretty enjoyable, I took it to get back to the basics a bit and improve my linework. Plus Peter Han is a sketchbooking badass. I'm considering taking Part 2 in the fall.
The Environment Design for Video Games however I dropped out of- it felt more like a sci-fi landscape painting class than anything oriented towards actual design, and I wasn't getting a whole lot out of it that I couldn't have figured out for free on the internet. I'd say just be cautious because there's absolutely no refunds. Trying todo two classes alongside a full time job was pretty rough.

Lou Holsten said...

Thanks for the info. I was actually interested in Peter Han's sketching class, so I'm glad you like it. But I was also interested in one the environment design classes. The one I'm interested in is taught by James Paick. Was that you're teacher?

From what you're describing of that class, I might as well just get a gnomon dvd or something instead. Actually, there is a cg workshop that might be more beneficial (wish it was a full blown class though): http://www.cgmwonline.com/Intro-to-Background-Design-and-Perspective.html

Thanks again for your take on cgma, I'm definitely gonna take a workshop or class through them (I'm rusty as hell).

Lou Holsten said...

I'll try to proof read my comment before posting next time, geez!

Mike Monroe said...

Yeah, it's Paick one. Nice enough guy... but yeah, after the first couple weeks there wasn't much in lecture anymore and we were just watching him paint sci-fi landscapes every week. I emailed him concerns about the class twice and he never bothered to reply. So that's why I just dropped it, especially since I was incredibly pressed for time. It seems like it would be a decent class for building up some sci-fi landscape portfolio art though, but you may as well just do 3-5 paintings a week on your own, post it to CGHUB/CA/ApeDogs for feedback and save yer $$.
That Pakin workshop you linked might be more suitable for actually designing a space.. sorta hard to tell with the workshop timeframe. Definitely email the teachers ahead of time asking about the syllabus, as they don't display it anywhere.

I feel like I'm being bitchy, but really man that's a lot of money so it never hurts to be picky.

Lou Holsten said...

Don't worry, you're not being bitchy, you're just giving it to me straight. So thanks for the heads up, I appreciate it. I don't want to toss hundreds at a class to just see someone paint... If that's what I wanted I'd just go to youtube.

I'm definitely gonna test the waters with the much cheaper workshops vids and probably Peter's class :)

Mike Monroe said...

Anytime. Let me know if you find anything good.

Verawat Verasunthorn said...

hey dude! ,thanks for dropping by, i really enjoy this design too!

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