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Bleh. Gonna try waking up early in the morning to see if I can warm up the ol body before subjecting it to motionless activity everyday.

Been working on something in Zbrush. Haven't had time to paint much. This is a material experiment I tried a week or so ago.

random gunslinger

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I did this pic awhile ago and quickly lost interest after starting it. Looking back now though it doesn't seem so bad.

my favorite moments of growing up

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Growing up, whenever I'd watch some sci-fi film with an awesome moody synth soundtrack I pretty much fucking melted and got goosebumps and fell in love with whatever movie it was.

Somehow this video Potlan found summarizes that feeling right up.



more CTT

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Posted at : Saturday, January 17, 2009

Garbage Guts on Unit16 made this damn creepy mask
and passed it onto me for the character trade thing

so I made:

I don't think I quite captured that erie feel quite right. But I ran out of time. Maybe it's too bright & saturated. I'm not satisfied.

My scanner of some 8 years is now completely broken, only because I decided one day to go on a scanning spree for 2-3 hours straight. The glue holding the glass up melted off and now puts pressure against the moving parts. I've been having to use my camera- which actually is really cool because you can light the page for mood and have a good base to start with.

more pictures!

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(c)Master of Maloris


Let's kick this engine

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Haven't touched this thing in awhile. Too many blogs now-a-days. How does this computer box work again? Is this the internet? Hello??
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