Happy Land

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Posted at : Sunday, April 29, 2012

This is how morning always feels to me.

So I went through a bunch of my old pic posts from 2008-2010 from the LiveJournal days and decided to import them over for the heck of it, so hopefully nothing too crazy exploded as a result. LiveJournal was a charming system, but throwing up giant full screen video ads was the last straw. Exporting anything out of it now is rather painful.

Super Monday Night Combat - Sir Cheston

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Posted at : Monday, April 23, 2012

The game I've been helping out on, Super Monday Night Combat, got released a little early last week. It's available on Steam and free to play! Give it a spin and see what you think.

I had some spare moments this weekend so I drew my favorite new character in SMNC, Sir Cheston.


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Got sucked into a music tinkering vortex inside Ableton and popped out a tune I'm pretty happy with. Sometimes you just hear a certain instrument and you think "YES, I have to make something with that". For me this time it was the organ.

Mister Wings

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Posted at : Sunday, April 08, 2012

Been these days working on prototyping several ideas in Unity. It's pretty satisfying to have finally come to a point where I can try out ideas pretty quick. I have one I'd like to post soon but I reckon I should make it a bit more presentable first.

I've also been playing Lone Survivor, an indie survival psychological horror game. I'm in frickin love with the atmosphere in it. The vibes definitely call back to some of the original Silent Hills, with a dash of Twin Peaks. I definitely recommend it if you're into that whole thing. Buy it instead of Silent Hill: Downpour.

In the meantime, random demon happy fun time continues. The coloring on this one sorta came inspired from the Instagram filters. I originally tried taking a picture of the screen and running it through, but it came out looking like blurry bloomsploions in my opinion.

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