I got me a Asaro head. It's so much fun to paint it's fucking ridiculous.

I ran into Halitosis in the Draw My Character thread over at Eatpoo, so here's a speedpaint I did of his genie

Care of Cell 44

Filed Under () by Mike Monroe on Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Posted at : Tuesday, April 03, 2007

[10:29] reddestFIVE: *zombie*
[10:29] sinistrdexterius: mmm hmm
[10:31] reddestFIVE: I think I'll start a zombie relligion
[10:31] reddestFIVE: unnnggghhh
[10:31] sinistrdexterius: amennngh
[10:33] reddestFIVE: and gather fellow zombies and protest companies for not making experimental biochemical weapons
[10:33] sinistrdexterius: :D
[10:34] reddestFIVE: I'm sure there's something I can fit into there with abortion as well
[10:36] reddestFIVE: <- going to hell
[10:37] sinistrdexterius: not if you become a zombie

anyways, ART:

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