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About a year ago I was experimenting a lot with Flash's ComputeSpectrum function to generate some patterns and graphic animations based on the spectral amplitude of a song (see KPROJ 03 & KPROJ 04).
There were several ones that I felt had a certain charm to them, but I never got around to really fleshing them out.
Here's one I was developing using Moderat's "Out of Sight".

KPROJ 05 from Mike Monroe on Vimeo.

Also I'm going to start converting these to videos since ComputeSpectrum still contains that horrible bug that disables it in certain conditions (namely if a Flash video player is open).

I'm currently working on trying these again but in Unity >:)

I hate thinking of titles for posts

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I'm still alive. Sorry. Went to GDC and fell off the planet for a bit.
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