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Filed Under () by Mike Monroe on Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Posted at : Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So I downloaded Second Life to see wtf all the hubbub is about. I also hear a competent 3D artist can make a killing by catering to the masses of this world.

Upon joining you're forced todo this multi part tutorial in which you can customize your character. I look around and see a bunch of generic Poser wannabe models in leisurewear, and..  cybergoths? Anyways, after I discovered you can take off your pants it was all over and I decided to make my character uncomfortable to look at.

My personal favorite is the butt freckles.

After a some 20 minutes of wandering from place to to place I soon became aware that Second Life is really god damn boring. It also reminded me of the scene in Futurama in which Fry is exposed to the modern internet for the first time, and in a Space Odyssey type fashion cries out "Oh my god... it's full of ads!"
Most of the places I randomly visited ended up being shopping malls which to buy more shit to customize your character and housing with- except these cost fake money which as far as I can tell costs REAL money unless you get a job inside Second Life. I guess some lady ended up becoming a millionaire from selling shit inside Second Life and now everyone else is doing it too.

Once in awhile there was something cool that someone built to look at, but fuck if I could find such things without randomly clicking on the map. So now I'm going to purposely find the worst and most horrible places to visit in Second Life. So far the king has been the "FREE PENIS" bin, in which you can have a virtual dongoid to attach to your character.

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