GCMA Classes

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So I started taking some online classes over at CGMA. I'm currently in the middle of Environment Design 1 with James Paick and Dynamic Sketching 1 with Peter Han.

Here's some thumbnails from my first week of the Environment Design class. Basically we had to practice separating foreground, middle-ground, and background while also providing 1 main focal point and 2 softer focal points. My personal goal is to try and get some mood into these whenever I can.

Magic Caster

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I tend to bounce between sketchbooks repeatedly. Ones with fancy paper, one's that are massive, moleskins, and so on. I even keep a backup one in the car. I also got in the habit of trying to use notebooks again, taking notes and doodling. My favorite one I pumped full of awesome notes and doodles from art and music workshops and then proceeded to lose it for about a year. Fortunately it finally turned up again in a random backpack, and I found this doodle I always rather liked. It's always a bit of a pain getting the loose-leaf lines out of these though.


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Don't mind me. Just painting up Clayface. Ended up making this into a calling card for Gotham City Impostors.

Dracula Fetus

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Fiverr request by mr. Dracula Fetus

GG Allin

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 Another Fiverr request. This one involved late punk rock singer GG Allin and a Pokemon named snubbull. *shrug*

Fiverr requests

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So in a random bit of curiosity, I decided to whore my art skills out on Fiverr for a little bit, offering todo small sketches for $5. I had some fun and interesting requests. Had to cut it short unfortunately since my freetime is drying up this month as I start online art classes again.

Anyways, here's one of the requests. "Please draw me a crazy DJing Penguin incorporating the letters PGT somewhere."

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