Death McFunnelPants

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What do you suppose he puts in there?

Stephen Colton

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I have yet to understand some Art Center people entirely. They come out of that school able to beam out quality environments like nothing else, yet when I ask them about how the fuck they do it I get dead-end responses like "I just do it."
That response used to really piss me off on a subconscious level. Ok, well, it still does.

It wasn't until I met my fencing teacher, Stephen Colton, that I fully realized how there's a tradeoff between being able to perform something amazingly well and being able to put it into an explanation, and that it's difficult to be able to do both. Stephen is an awesome swordsman and used to fence in competitions way back when, but has spent more of his 30+ years fencing career on learning methods and techniques as a coach than as an opponent.


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Here's my doodle from this month's Tuesday Art Group.
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