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I really enjoy driving around a foggy Seattle listening to this. The video this guy made is surprisingly good


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The artist is engaged in a perpetual struggle against the positive-feedback loop of the brain, desperate to create an experience that no one has ever had before. And while the poet must struggle to invent a new metaphor and the novelist a new story, the composer must discover the undiscovered pattern, for the originality is the source of the emotion.

If the art feels difficult, it is only because our neurons are stretching to understand it. The pain flows from the growth. As Nietzsche sadistically declared, "If something is to stay in the memory it must be burned in; only that which never ceases to hurt stays in the memory."

This newness, however torturous, is necessary. Positive-feedback loops, like that shrieking microphone, always devour themselves. Without artists like Stavinsky who compulsively make everything new, our sense of sound would become increasingly narrow... ...Works like "The Rite" jolt us out of complacency. They keep us literally open-minded. IF not for the difficulty of the avant-garde, we would worship nothing but that which we already know.

-Proust Was A Neuroscientist


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CamdenLikesGreen's koala

My version:

Dear Left 4 Dead, I re-installed you for the 3rd time yesterday. Being productive all the time is nice, but if I don't have a method to unwind I end up getting bummed out a lot. I keep trying to quit you, but the other games just don't got the stuff you gots baby.
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