Seattle Indies Expo 2014!

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Posted at : Friday, August 22, 2014

Whoosh. Been crazy busy in the last month and haven't had time to update all the things. I've been working on the poster for the Seattle Indies Expo (SIX) this year, and am also going to be exhibiting RedShift there! It takes place on September 1st, during the last day of PAX and is open to the public- no PAX badge required! If you're in Seattle, come swing by and say hello!


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Donking around with an avatar for some music stuff.

My friend Max Jackson started a music label, Cryptobeat, that operates off internet currencies and tipping, and I was fortunate enough to be able to contribute a couple tracks to the launch album. And it required me putting down the damn Unity for a minute and figuring out what my id is going to be.

Hobo Demon

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Still flailing around with trying to find a rendering style with SketchClub App, but it would probably just be easier to try switching back to SAI & Photoshop. There's a mix in SketchClub between having a high-res file to work in and having a decent amount of layers to use, and I just keep running out of the latter.


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The mobile game I've been working on at my company Belief Engine came out last Thursday! It's my first venture into trying out mobile as a platform. Might also be my last, haha, but we'll see how it goes. Either way it's pretty satisfying to put out a game on my own.

Currently working on a Android version.

Dark Souls 2

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This was a therapy sketch I was doing inbetween frequent deaths in Dark Souls 2, which I am currently pretty engrossed with.

As I said in the Tumblr post, damn all you rat covenant people to hell >:E

Mystic Bonfire

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Another sketch from that Dark Souls kick I've been on.

An understanding

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I did this one awhile back in SketchClub app. At the time I was finishing up the first Dark Souls and regularly seeing a lot of large angry things trying to kill me. It made me wonder when was the last time you saw a friendly one, y'know?


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More SketchClub app catching up.

Catching Up

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Oi, still catching up on all the SketchClub app sketch posts.

Belief Engine

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So, in the other news I've been busy for the last 6 months founding a two-man company with Scott McKie called Belief Engine. It's just a simple name to serve as the conduit in which we put out our various games, wares, and collabs through. My first game, RedShift, will be coming out in the next month or so through it for iOS. Gonna give that app store lottery a go I reckon.


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Man, hello there. I swear I'm alive. Actually I've been drawing a shitload. Check it out.
You know what? I'm a bit sick of Blogger. Posting to this thing is so cumbersome, and it doesn't need to be sadly. I'm sort of surprised Google hasn't taken to revamping or really doing anything with this service. Sure they've re-skinned it several times, but the editor is still terrible IMO. Arranging images in my posts is like pulling teeth.

I've been posting primarily to my Tumblr account- which I started out as an excuse to post whatever low quality crap I drew, but as it turns out Tumblr is quite the great place for sharing and passing around art.

Anyways, still been on a big SketchClub app kick. I draw in it more than paper and Photoshop combined, though I still find rendering in it very difficult, especially without any selection or masking tools.


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Gamble Goblin

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"$100 on car #5. My lucky left eye has a good feeling.."


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Kappa - Japanese turtle demon. Famous for challenging people to random sumo wrestling, or pulling them underwater to drown so they can steal a magical organ (supposedly through the colon of all places).

They also keep a bowl of water in their head. I couldn't remember what happens if the water empties though. I'm told they either dry up and die or grant a wish. Neat.

Gun Christ

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This is what happens when I don’t know what to draw, but I can’t decide on what not to draw. I did a google and was surprised Gun Christ was not an actual industrial music band.

SketchClub Pt2

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Some more SketchClub iPad Mini noodlings.


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I picked up a random gift card for something called SketchClub on iOS. Me and drawing on the iPhone/iPad have had a long bad history, where I've tried over and over to find a drawing app that didn't turn every action into an annoying touch screen chore. I dare say SketchClub is the first app to win me over, 90% likely because the "sketchy" brush is awesome, and is the closest thing I've felt to being able to draw with the side of a pencil in digital medium. It also supports doing some interesting things, like uploading the drawing to the SketchClub community and being able to Livestream your drawing straight from the app.

Anyways, fun for sketching. I haven't quite figured out a solid workflow for rendering anything yet.

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