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Every day hundreds of thousands of clips are uploaded to YouTube, some of which use copyrighted music. Of course the major record labels argue that these illegal uploads are killing their profits as people buy less music when YouTube users add a track to a home made video. Not everyone in the music business agrees with this assessment though. When the indie rock band Barcelona saw one of its latest tracks featured in a viral video with nearly a million views, they responded quite differently. They claim that the clip below actually boosted their album sales and concert visits.

 Wow. Quite a great combination of visuals and audio.

CTT Gunner

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Another CTT
Got this from g-rag

Gave this:

Neo Tokyo

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The NeoTokyo mod for Half Life 2 has a soundtrack that is flooring my ass. Considering that it was made by a 23 year old kid in his spare time and beats the shit out of most video game and movie soundtracks these days is inspiring as hell.

Here's something I burped out in Niko's paintchat when I couldn't think of anything to paint.

raka tat tat

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kinda old. kinda not.

Other people's characters

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Done for the draw-my-character style threads at Unit-16 (and one for Apedogs)


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