What A Dump

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Posted at : Sunday, February 24, 2013

Good grief this February has been the unhealthiest for me by far. But I'm still working the Daily Draw, so you healthy functioning people have no excuses. This vertigo has brought some interesting perspective on other weird health conditions other artists have. For example Kieran Yanner apparently suffers from vertigo off and on, and Davi Blight used to have pretty bad anxiety. Sometimes I wonder if the stress of a highly competitive art and video game industry tends to induce these conditions. I certainly cannot wait for this to pass.

Vertigo Teaparty

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Been dealing with some neck/shoulder problems lately that has been inducing unpleasant bouts of vertigo. Nope, not fun.

Meanwhile the Daily Draw still burns. I've been trying to find a good way to switch my doodling over to iPad but haven't found any apps that satisfy the way I like to work, so I'm still mostly working in Sai on my Lenovo Thinkpad.

More FebSketchin

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Good ol' Venom.

Happy Werewolf Gore Day

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Too hard to resist.

Daily Draw Dumperoo

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Still pumping along. I figured it would be easier to just make some dump posts than to post every day. In other news I cannot get the dubstep remix of Dayman from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia out of my head. I don't even like pop-dubstep and this is killing me.

(this one may or may not have involved alcohol)

Daily Drawing Tickle Superbowl

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Here's the images I've done so far for the Satellite Soda Daily Draw February marathon.

Feb 2nd

Learned about DDF on this date and 20 minutes before midnight to boot, so I whipped this together in a excited panic.

Feb 3rd

Feb 4th

Looking forward to more! I'm posting to this thread on Satellite Soda, but I'll still be posting here as well.

Blogging Arts Fallout

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Posted at : Monday, February 04, 2013

Holy crap I just realized I haven't updated this since November. Alright well shit let's cover what's happened.

Handy Art Tool
- I spent the months of Christmas updating Handy to a nicely reworked 2.0 in honor of Handy being featured by ImagineFX Magazine as one of Top-10 Apps artists should nab. It's great honor, and was a great motivation. It also got mentioned by Tony Moore of The Walking Dead fame!

- I finished off 2012 with having made 16 songs in that year. Learning piano and working in Ableton so regularly has pretty much whipped my musical ass into shape.

- Finally figured out how to paint on black velvet somewhat alright. I did a painting for a art show featuring WWF Wrestlers on black velvet. Still debating if I want to post it though as I'm mixed on how it came out.

- I spent a large amount of the last part of 2012 working on my own mobile games. It'll be awhile before I get to do much with them (non-compete contracts weeeee).

- And finally I entered Satellite Soda's Daily Draw February fiasco. So if I don't start dumping art into this blog regularly this month I'm a terrible blather and whoever it is that visits this page should yell horrible things at me.

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