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well now that I've made such a difference in the exciting world of coffee shops, it's time to post some art.

Another DMC session. This is the character I got. And this is what I drew:

Did I post this? I don't remember. Here it is again anyways.


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this one was a Eatpoo DMC. What I got, and what I gave:

Plus other things:


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Hell To Pay

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This, well... this is Steve Urkel

some things I learned from Burning Man 2007

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-you can apparently be lead around by a leash via a sounding rod stuck in your penis
-clowns and mortal men are vicious enemies when put into a ThunderDome
-pianos are grown in the desert
-dust storms are awesome when riding bicycles with two other people who look like they belong in a sci-fi movie
-Q: can it be done while on fire? A: Yes.
-committing suicide sometimes doubles as installation art
-watching a world record fireball being made gets extremely warm extremely quick

I think my favorite moment of Burning Man was taking the bike out for a quick ride on the playa to watch the sunset and incidentally being recruited into the Sith army... which then led into a giant 300-400+ people light saber battle in the middle of the desert... which then led to the army grouping together and rushing Center Camp... which then led to everybody doing the Time Warp and dancing to a rock version of Pink Elephants on Parade.

And that was only one hour in Black Rock City.

I like my cereal soggy

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[22:24] reddestFIVE: Would it be in bad spirit to say, knock on my neighbors door and when they answer, grab them by the throat and shake them wildly?
[22:24] sinistrdexterius: yes
[22:24] reddestFIVE: What if I start screaming anti semetic lines?
[22:24] sinistrdexterius: just a little
[22:25] reddestFIVE: What if I'm butt ass naked while I do it?
[22:25] sinistrdexterius: a bit more interesting but still in bad taste
[22:26] reddestFIVE: Well damn, what's a guy todo.
[22:26] sinistrdexterius: I'm sure you'll come up w/something
[22:27] reddestFIVE: maybe if I start vomiting on the walls too?
[22:27] reddestFIVE: and roll my eyes back
[22:27] sinistrdexterius: oh well that's fine
[22:27] reddestFIVE: Yeah cause it looks like i'm possesed right?
[22:28] reddestFIVE: I could maybe toss one of them through the window and then come down and be like "Just kidding! *fonz fingers* :D"
[22:28] sinistrdexterius: beautiful
[22:29] reddestFIVE: part of me wants todo this just so you can say "I thought he was just kidding!"
[22:30] sinistrdexterius: that would be funny
[22:31] reddestFIVE: the best part would be that actually doing it would be so awkward I'd have to completely commmit to it
[22:32] reddestFIVE: man, what a great way to completely wack out two people's lives. they'd tell that story for years.
[22:32] sinistrdexterius: you'd be doing them a favor, really

It's weird how much more you appreciate free time getting out of a crunch. I go home and am like "What, I can do more than one thing in a given night?!" I managed to get to some creative painting.

too many journals

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Some various friends and I started a group sketchblog in which to share links and post our arts. So I dunno if I'll keep updating this blog or not since I'll be posting there. In the meantime here's some old/new stuff.

I got me a Asaro head. It's so much fun to paint it's fucking ridiculous.

I ran into Halitosis in the Draw My Character thread over at Eatpoo, so here's a speedpaint I did of his genie

Care of Cell 44

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[10:29] reddestFIVE: *zombie*
[10:29] sinistrdexterius: mmm hmm
[10:31] reddestFIVE: I think I'll start a zombie relligion
[10:31] reddestFIVE: unnnggghhh
[10:31] sinistrdexterius: amennngh
[10:33] reddestFIVE: and gather fellow zombies and protest companies for not making experimental biochemical weapons
[10:33] sinistrdexterius: :D
[10:34] reddestFIVE: I'm sure there's something I can fit into there with abortion as well
[10:36] reddestFIVE: <- going to hell
[10:37] sinistrdexterius: not if you become a zombie

anyways, ART:


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When we last joined our hero...


Halitosis' SGT. MURDER


random artsy title

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Here I am to poop out some art.
Everyday is like learning how to draw all over again. By the end of the day I've figured it out pretty good, except at that point I have to go back to sleep and forget it all again. My mental state anymore is that of Memento.

Value studies via MANHEAT

Here's some headers I did for a Eatpoo header contest

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