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Posted at : Monday, February 04, 2013

Holy crap I just realized I haven't updated this since November. Alright well shit let's cover what's happened.

Handy Art Tool
- I spent the months of Christmas updating Handy to a nicely reworked 2.0 in honor of Handy being featured by ImagineFX Magazine as one of Top-10 Apps artists should nab. It's great honor, and was a great motivation. It also got mentioned by Tony Moore of The Walking Dead fame!

- I finished off 2012 with having made 16 songs in that year. Learning piano and working in Ableton so regularly has pretty much whipped my musical ass into shape.

- Finally figured out how to paint on black velvet somewhat alright. I did a painting for a art show featuring WWF Wrestlers on black velvet. Still debating if I want to post it though as I'm mixed on how it came out.

- I spent a large amount of the last part of 2012 working on my own mobile games. It'll be awhile before I get to do much with them (non-compete contracts weeeee).

- And finally I entered Satellite Soda's Daily Draw February fiasco. So if I don't start dumping art into this blog regularly this month I'm a terrible blather and whoever it is that visits this page should yell horrible things at me.


Lou Holsten said...

I grabbed the app a few months ago and was really impressed! Congrats on the acknowledgement from ImagineFX and Tony Moore (of whom the wife and I are big fans).

Looks like you've been up to a lot. I too have been meaning to learn the piano for a while now. Even splurged on a nice digital piano a couple years ago. I just don't ever seem to have time for it though :(

Can't wait to see what games you make. Will you be coding as well?

Mike Monroe said...

Thanks Lou!
Piano sorta just snowballed once I started taking lessons.
And yup, I'm pretty much coding everything.

Always good to hear from you. You're taking a class from Rad Sechrist? That's pretty friggin awesome.

Lou Holsten said...

Coding everything, eh? I started learning objective-c a while ago to make some iphone games. Decided to focus on my storytelling and drawing though (found I enjoyed them a lot more).

And yeah, I'm taking Rad's storyboarding class. I was psyched, when hearing that he's teaching online now, so I just had to jump on it. Been wanting to take his class from CDA for a while ago, but I don't live in Cali. And yes, it's friggin' awesome. I'm learning a lot and I highly recommend it. He even has a Figure Invention for Animation class that I'm thinking of taking next.

Mike Monroe said...

I'm gonna have to join you on that Figure Invention class. Doesn't look like a schedule is posted though? Anywho, if you find out when it is I'd damn sure love to look more into it.

Lou Holsten said...

I imagine it'll start near the end of March, or early April.

He'll probably post on the next time classes start up. So subscribe to the blog's rss feed. I'm thinking it'll be sometime near the end of March or early April.

If I decide to take the class next (I may actually skip a term just to focus on storyboarding for a few months), I'll definitely be tweeting a lot about it (@louholsten).

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