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My poor Toshiba Tecra M4 is on it's last legs once again. That lifesaving surgery I had performed on it worked for a little time, but ultimately only produced new cancerous ruin. So now I'm giving a Lenovo Thinkpad X201 a run. Even though it's smaller than my Tecra, the size actually makes it a lot friendly for sketching since it doesn't weight much and is about the size of a medium-large book.

The thing that might drive me away is Lenovo's neglect of the actual tablet part of the laptop- y'know, just the whole point of this model. Their Wacom drivers don't support pressure, and Wacom's TabletPC drivers on this machine don't either, strangely enough. So I have to use Bamboo Pen & Touch drivers instead. Plus many other small annoying glitches when trying to engage portrait made that made drawing frustrating until I managed to pinpoint what was going on and smash it.
Text Color

That said, once I got shit running right it was pretty enjoyable and I realize how much I missed just fucking around on a tablet PC at a coffee shop or something. Above is a character I doodled for Scott McKie's branching-storyline RPG thingamajig he's trying to make.


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