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Posted at : Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I went to NYC last week on a sudden whim.

The plane ticket was expensive as shit. The flight was total hell and my baggage was lost for days. I barely slept. I ended up pissing off the person cool enough to let me crash at their place. My muscles are still misconfigured from sitting for 6 hours straight. And still I don't regret taking the trip at all.

Growing up your whole life hearing about this weird mysterious city called New York, seeing fake disasters and real disasters rocking it, and noticing all the crazy talent coming from it makes actually visiting it somewhat surreal. Like going into the television into another dimension. Everything is concrete, wet, stained, close, and incredibly well designed. Fond memories of riding the subway in the middle of the night.

People there surprisingly nicer than I expected, with the unspoken accepted rule that we all can be rude to each other and it's fine. You don't get pissed and I don't get pissed. I leave you to your own shit and you leave me to mine. And then the occasional New Yorkish warm personality which is so easy and comfortable to talk to. It almost reminded me of Burning Man in the sense of you could look as weird as you want and no one rags on your shit- if anything they expect it.

Tomorrow I start a job at Monolith doing User Interface design for their next project. I'm a little anxious as I don't know 100% what I'm being throw into, but I'm also a bit excited that I get to play around with graphic design and Flash animation again. Looking at my old Flash stuff I can't believe I ever abandoned it.


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