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[22:24] reddestFIVE: Would it be in bad spirit to say, knock on my neighbors door and when they answer, grab them by the throat and shake them wildly?
[22:24] sinistrdexterius: yes
[22:24] reddestFIVE: What if I start screaming anti semetic lines?
[22:24] sinistrdexterius: just a little
[22:25] reddestFIVE: What if I'm butt ass naked while I do it?
[22:25] sinistrdexterius: a bit more interesting but still in bad taste
[22:26] reddestFIVE: Well damn, what's a guy todo.
[22:26] sinistrdexterius: I'm sure you'll come up w/something
[22:27] reddestFIVE: maybe if I start vomiting on the walls too?
[22:27] reddestFIVE: and roll my eyes back
[22:27] sinistrdexterius: oh well that's fine
[22:27] reddestFIVE: Yeah cause it looks like i'm possesed right?
[22:28] reddestFIVE: I could maybe toss one of them through the window and then come down and be like "Just kidding! *fonz fingers* :D"
[22:28] sinistrdexterius: beautiful
[22:29] reddestFIVE: part of me wants todo this just so you can say "I thought he was just kidding!"
[22:30] sinistrdexterius: that would be funny
[22:31] reddestFIVE: the best part would be that actually doing it would be so awkward I'd have to completely commmit to it
[22:32] reddestFIVE: man, what a great way to completely wack out two people's lives. they'd tell that story for years.
[22:32] sinistrdexterius: you'd be doing them a favor, really

It's weird how much more you appreciate free time getting out of a crunch. I go home and am like "What, I can do more than one thing in a given night?!" I managed to get to some creative painting.


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